Wozzeck (1959)
electronic music for theatre
text: G. Büchner

Electronic Study (1957)
duration: 6’47’’

J.B. (1959)
electronic composition

Antiphonie (1960)
wind quintet 4tapes
duration: 15’

Syntaxis I (1966) order this work
electronic music
duration: 18’

Mountains (1977)
bcl tape
duration: 18’

The Magic of Music II (1977)
voice tapes
duration: 5’45’’
See: Vocal music

The birth of music II (1978)
radiophonic work for reciter and electronic apparatus
duration: 19’30’’
text: Ton de Leeuw (myth of the Central American Indians)
not published by Donemus

Chronos (1980)
electronic composition for 4 tracks
duration: 13’08’’

Clair obscur (1982)
electronic music
duration: 17’