Medeia (1956)
ob voices
text: Euripides

Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (1956)
text : Molière

Job (1956)
radiophonic oratorio
soloists, mixed choir, orchestra and electronics
text: Bible (Book of Job)
duration: 35’

De Trojaanse vrouwen [The Troyan women] (1957)

Het spel van Adam [Adam’s game] (1960)
choir, orchestra and soloists

Alceste (1962)
television opera
for 4 soloists, choir and orchestra
libretto: Ton de Leeuw after Euripides
duration: 50’

De droom [The dream] (1963) order this work
opera after a legend from the Far East
soloists mixed choir 3222 2220 timp perc hp pf str ballet
text (English): Japanese haiku, transl. H.G. Henderson
duration: 50’‑60’

Litany of our Time (1970) order this work
television play
sopr-solo choir(ten-t ten bass) fl 2perc hp pf cb tape live-electronics
text (Dutch & English) by the composer
duration: 36’

Antigone (1991) order this work
music drama
sopr(‑m)‑solo male choir mixed choir figurants 0222 2020 3perc pf synth 2vc cb
libretto (French): Ton de Leeuw after Sophocles
piano‑reduction (1992) by Klaas Bakker
duration: 55’‑60’
sopr‑m male choir mixed choir pf